Buy DOUBLE EAGLE GOLD COINS-$20 liberty Raw/Certified
$20 liberty Raw/Certified
$20 liberty Raw/Certified $20 liberty Raw/Certified $20 liberty Raw/Certified

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$20 liberty Raw/Certified


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Product Details
These Coins are sold by Type and grade. You will receive a $20 in roughly the same condition as the pictured coin. You are not purchasing the pictured coin. They are a great way to add variety to your collection. grade description 
These are excellent coins to add to your collection.

Coin Features:
  • grade description
  • Actual Gold Weight .9675 troy oz
  • Known as Liberty Head
  • Obverse: Artist James B. Longacre created the designs for both the front and back of the Liberty Double Eagle. Engraved unto the coin’s obverse is his classical rendition of Lady Liberty, which was based on the royal effigies seen on Greco-Roman currency. The portrait depicts Liberty in profile with her thick curls arranged beneath an inscribed crown. She is framed by a ring of thirteen stars as a tribute to the original thirteen colonies. Longacre’s stunning portrayal of this beloved figure is the reason that the coin is often referred to as either the “Liberty Head” or “Coronet” Double Eagle.
  • Reverse: Stamped across the reverse side of the Liberty Double Eagle is the Great Seal of the US. This well-known emblem depicts the bald eagle, armed with a shield, an olive branch and a set of arrows. While Longacre’s artwork remained the same throughout the coin’s mintage, several changes were made to the inscriptions. Such changes included the addition of the “In God We Trust” motto in 1866 and the abbreviation change of the coin’s denomination in 1877.
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Product Specifications

YearRandom  $20
Graded By
DenominationDouble Eagle
Mint MarkNone 
Metal Content@@COST_ADJUSTER/MELT troy oz
Fineness.900 N A Other