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Clad Coins

Clad coins are coins that have layers of nickel-copper alloy that has a silver-colored appearance. In these coins, nickel and zinc are layered on the outside, while copper fills the middle layer. Although clad coins look like they are made of silver because of their shiny silver-colored outer layer, there is actually no silver in the coins. Clad coins are lighter than silver coins, and chances are, you might have clad coins in your pocket right now. That’s because clad coins are what we use as currency today.

So why don’t we use silver coins as currency? In 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Coinage Act, which led to the United States ending the use of silver coins as currency. Johnson explained this decision by saying, “Now, all of you know these changes are necessary for a very simple reason—silver is a scarce material. Our uses of silver are growing as our population and our economy grows. The hard fact is that silver consumption is now more than double new silver production each year. So, in the face of this worldwide shortage of silver, and our rapidly growing need for coins, the only really prudent course was to reduce our dependence upon silver for making our coins.”

Although clad coins are made of less valuable metals, value can still be found in rare editions of these coins. Some coins were minted with errors, and others were only minted for a short time and do not circulate today. These factors contribute to the rarity of certain clad coins, making them a great investment. At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we have a variety of clad coins available for purchase.


U.S. Coins and Jewelry offers a wide arrangement of clad coins. Browse our full collections online or in store:

Clad Nickels

Clad nickels are the perfect coin for any collector interested in unique coins that no longer circulate. Nickel coins are 75% copper and 25% nickel. Although many nickels have a five cent face value, their value increases when the coins are no longer in circulation. At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we offer several types of nickel coins, available in store or online:

Clad Quarters

Clad quarters are one of the most popular circulating coins in the United States. Everyone is familiar with the side-portrait of George Washington on one side of this coin and the varying designs on the other side that typically are inspired by American states and territories. These coins are great to collect because of the countless different designs that vary year to year.

Clad Dollars

The clad dollar has only one edition, and it was only minted from 1971 to 1978. This coin’s design features president Dwight D. Eisenhower on the observe. This earned the coin the nickname the “Eisenhower Dollar.” The reverse side of the coin features an image that tributes the Apollo 11 moon mission. The clad dollar was designed by the tenth chief engraver at the United States Mint, Frank Gasparro. This coin is especially unique because it is the only large size US dollar coin to not contain any silver in the circulation strikes. Collectors editions of the coins contain 40% silver. 

Buying Clad Coins

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How Much Do Clad Coins Cost?

When determining the price of clad coins, there are numerous factors that have a role in the coin’s price tag. Prices of metals fluctuate every day, and prices are quick to change under market conditions. U.S. Coins and Jewelry has a spot pricing counter on our website so our clients can stay up to date on the fluctuating markets. Additionally, the condition of each coin is a key factor in its price. View our coin grading guide to learn more about how coin condition is a factor in its price. Also, the rarity of the coin and its circulation history also play a role in the price of the coin. If you have questions about a coin’s value, call us at (713) 597-6367 to talk to a coin specialist.

Selling Clad Coins

At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we are the leading source for buying and selling coins in the Greater Houston Area for over 35 years. Contact us today at (713) 597-6367 to sell your clad coins today!

From raw and certified coins to a key coin that completes your collection, you can trust the team at U.S. Coins and Jewelry to give you top-notch service and the best quality for your money. Best of all, U.S. Coins and Jewelry is an authorized dealer with NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) so you know you are getting the best value for your coins.

Best Clad Coins to Buy

Choosing the right clad coins to buy in order to maximize your investment can be overwhelming. At U.S. Coins and Jewelry, we have assembled several resources to help our clients understand the coin market. See our glossary of coin collecting terms, our appraisal reference guide, our coin grading guide, and more resources on our website. You can also reference our blog for the most up-to-date information on the coin markets. These resources can help you find out which coins have the most value and how to navigate the buying and selling process.