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Copper Bullion

Copper is newer when it comes to investing in bullion despite the discovery of copper in the Middle East around 9000 BC. While having a long history of being coinage, copper is one of the most useful metals in industry. The price you will pay for copper bullion is directly related to the current price of copper. Investing in copper is an excellent way to start investing in bullion if you are into bullion investing or looking to diversify your portfolio.

Copper Bars

Copper bullion bars are often sold with 99.9% copper consistency, which adds to the purity of copper bullion when compared to copper wiring. Unlike other bars, copper bars come in different shapes, such as a copper cube. Different shapes tend to make copper bars much more interesting to have on display. Copper bars come in sizes ranging from 1 oz. all the way up to 10 lbs.

Copper Rounds

Often, collectors do not buy copper bullion rounds as an investment. Copper rounds tend to be popular among collectors since they feature artistic pictures, including U.S. presidents, Lady Liberty, political causes, historical scenes, Native American portraits, and other historical figures. They primarily produce copper bullion in a 1 oz size, which makes fabricating these smaller units more expensive in comparison to the value of the metal.